“What are you working on?”

These are the words that started our company.

I was in a chair at Dr. John Barroso’s office waiting for my annual exam and working on a digital marketing strategy for a Fortune 300 company on my laptop.  He noticed my work while washing his hands behind me.

We knew each other like any other good doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Barroso knew I was in technology, and I clearly knew he was a dentist. A conversation ignited, and the rest is history.

Our discussion focused on how the dental market was shifting:

  • Large corporations with big marketing budgets had been entering the market.
  • His new customer acquisition had fallen to under 15 patients a month.
  • Customers were moving away from traditional marketing such as newspapers and Yellow Pages™.
  • Profits were falling.

I gave him a quick education on digital marketing:

  • How digital marketing segments customers by point of need and tailors marketing messages to them.
  • How digital marketing tracks and measures online advertising dollars.
  • How prospective customers are increasingly using Facebook, Google, Yelp, and other Internet resources to research their decisions.

This conversation turned to a lunch discussion evolving into a statement of work, and in turn, leading to a drastic turnaround that made both sides really happy. My team and I applied the same methodologies we had been using for large marketing companies to Dr. Barosso’s practice with amazing and quick results.

New Patients

New Patients

You may be asking yourself, “What did you do, exactly, to get these results?” To be honest, we applied simple marketing techniques through testing one marketing idea against another and then optimizing the results on a consistent basis. Essentially, we just performed our own marketing practices consistently. Now, you are probably surprised at this seemingly simple solution thinking it is something you can do on your own. Yes, you can, but you won’t. Not because you are not capable of, or without good intentions for, the business-side of your practice. On the contrary, it is because, as we all know, a good dentist office is focused on doing those things it takes to be an exceptional, patient-centered dentist office — learning about patients’ needs, properly treating patients, staying educated on new technologies and procedures, and lots more.

Any time you take away from your practice for the business-side directly takes time away from your efforts toward your patients. When push comes to shove, and you are burdened with deciding between being a great dental practice or a good marketing company, undoubtedly, you let marketing fall to the wayside.

There isn’t any doubt this is the correct call. Your passion is dentistry, not marketing. Avoiding properly marketing your practice will ultimately cause your bottom line to be less healthy than you want it to be. Would you recommend your patients to hold off on treatment with identified tooth decay until the symptoms of discomfort and pain cannot be tolerated any longer? Then do not wait any longer while your bottom line is suffering before treating the potential cause — the lack of a robust digital marketing plan.

Having us do your marketing for you is a great idea because this means IT WILL GET DONE! You can concentrate on the fundamentals of your practice while we concentrate on the fundamentals of your marketing. Let us focus on increasing your bottom line through marketing while you focus on your patients.

Every Practice has a geo “foot print”: You need to learn and embrace yours.

Research: Know your existing patients and prospective patients.

If you want to talk to Dr. John Barroso about his experiences with us, please give his office a call at 817-447-6040. Stephanie will schedule some time so that you can ask him anything you like. All we ask is that you be respectful of his time as he is a very busy guy these days!

And when you are ready to have us do for you what we do for him, give us a call.

Let us make your practice all it can be!