About Us

We're a Dental Marketing Agency born in 2015. We are passion pursuers, innovators, lead generators, patient motivators, and consistent communicators.

Our Humble Beginnings

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Our Digital Marketing Agency For Dentists began with one question from a curious dentist: “What are you working on?”. While waiting in a chair for his annual exam, Eric was on his laptop, wrapping up a digital marketing strategy for a Fortune 300 company. A conversation ensued, resulting in the dentist asking Eric another question; “How can I get this for my practice?”

An Agency is Born

Eric, Andre and their team successfully applied the same methodologies they used for large marketing companies to quickly grow the practice. The dentist was ecstatic and happily referred us to all of his dentist friends. We knew we had something special and began to grow the team in order to make sure all of our clients achieved similar results through a high level of service. Our dental marketing agency was born.

Transition to Full Service

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As we became more successful, we began to layer in additional products and services to improve our dentist’s profitability. We began to apply the same discipline and rigor we used in new patient marketing to existing patient facing marketing. Not only were our dentist getting new patients, we were also making existing patients more profitable by improving treatment presented vs. treatments accepted numbers, recall campaigns effectiveness and appointment scheduling improvements.

Full Scale Partnerships

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As we evolved, we grew to assume something of a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) role for the companies we work with. In this type of new work style, we basically become an extension of the offices we work with. This type of in-depth engagement allowed us to drive strategy and truly be “in this together” with our clients, or rather, our partners. When they win, we win.

Growth and Expansion


Working with what we have learned, we continue to grow the business, and expand into new regions coast-to-coast.

We don’t want to be the biggest Digital Marketing Agency. Our goal is to have clients who we genuinely want to work with and find value of our efforts. That requires controlled growth, we never bring on more clients than we can handle and our regular touch points with clients ensures that we always get candid feedback on our engagements.

Our Team

Some of the people that contribute to our work

co-founder eric hubbard
co-founder andre santos
The Hand
website design for dental greg
Goin' Rogue
client services ben
Client Whisperer
Client Ringleader
photo & video brittany
Princess in Boots
creative and strategy hannah
technology lead saurya
Not Sorry
business development ted
Winter Is Coming
That Guy
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