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If you’re passionate about helping dental practices thrive, we’d love to connect.

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We’re all about making friends with other dental industry experts.

eric and andre with robert edwards recording the beyond bitewings podcast

At Pain-Free Dental Marketing, the best partnerships are built on shared values, trust, and a commitment to excellence. In our experience, dental practices thrive when they connect with the community around them and learn from one another.

That’s why we regularly introduce our clients to a handful of partners in our tribe so our clients can choose the best fit for them. We love our industry friends and think they’re all pretty awesome. We don’t charge or accept a referral fee for these introductions. We do so because we believe our friends can help our dental practices be more successful.  

So, if you’re a company passionate about helping dental practices thrive, we want to hear from you! Let’s team up and help our practices grow!

Some of Our Industry Friends

What You Can

  • Close Communication: We’ll work closely with you to make sure you know how we’re working together for our clients.
  • Shared Goals: We both want our clients to succeed so alignment on common goals is important to us.
  • Feedback is Welcome: We prioritize transparency in all our partnerships. If there is something different you think we should try, we’re all ears.
  • Make New Friends: Have you met someone new recently that you think we’d jive with? We’d love to meet them!
Let’s team up

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