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Running A Dental Practice

At Pain-Free Dental Marketing, we believe the best partnerships are built on shared values, trust, and a commitment to excellence. In our experience, dental practices thrive when they connect with the community around them and learn from one another.

That’s why we love working with ACT clients. They care about their team, their culture, and their patients. They know what they stand for, and they invest in one another. When you have those things in place, our marketing efforts work a lot better.

Whether you are a TTT Study Club Member, a Best Practices Association subscriber, or are all in with Pro Coaching, we are excited to connect with you because we already know you are “our people.”

We are excited to meet you!

What You Can

  • Plans Tailored to Your Unique Goals: Are you going out of network with Delta? Adding an associate and need more NP flow? Looking to work less and produce more by doing big cases? Whatever your goal, we have your back.
  • Great Communication: We will meet with you weekly in the beginning and monthly later on to make sure you are always in the loop with everything going on.
  • Results, Not Just Activities: We understand you’re after outcomes that truly matter to your practice, not just a checklist of services. We are proactive in our approach to ensure we are moving the needle.
  • A Full Marketing Department: From websites to ad campaigns, social media to internal marketing, we do everything we can to help you grow. And not to brag but our team is awesome; you will love working with us.

Let’s do this

If you love what you’ve read so far and are interested in keeping the conversation going, use this calendar to schedule some time for us to get to know each other.

Transform Your Practice,

One Small Bite at a Time.

Tune in as our founder, Eric, and a lineup of industry-leading guests dive into their strategies and explore the latest trends in the dental space.