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When it comes to today’s competitive dental market, an awesome online representation of yourself is vital. With a widely predominant digital realm, a vast majority of people find their doctors via online platforms. One of the best ways to represent yourself in this digital world is with your dental website. Take it from us, after […]

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When it comes to today’s competitive dental market, an awesome online representation of yourself is vital. With a widely predominant digital realm, a vast majority of people find their doctors via online platforms. One of the best ways to represent yourself in this digital world is with your dental website. Take it from us, after all, we are a dental marketing company.

Your website is a visual, informal, and even emotional representation of who you are as a dentist and holistically as a practice. Think of it this way, your brand is like your practices’ personality. Your dental website is a virtual representation of that personality. Use it to engage with people before they even pick their phone to make an appointment. 

Because having an awesome website is so important, we’re going to go over some of the ways that you can improve yours.

Optimize Your Homepage

The home page is where anyone who visits your site will establish their first impression of your dental practice. As we all know, first impressions are important. Hence, it is the best place to start when you are looking to improve your dental website.

The home page needs to be designed for attracting patients to spend more time on your website, educating them about your practice and inviting conversions. Ensure that your home page is not too long and does not have all the information cluttered in one place. Instead, make use of directional design and ample white space to easily guide a user through the flow of the information. Provide introduction paragraphs and brief excerpts from subpages along with links to where they can find the full information. Headings are your friend! Use them to give your users quick insights into the information before them.

If you have any specials running, make sure to include that as a blurb. Your home page should act like a synopsis of your dental website, built with purpose and effectively inviting users to dig deeper into your website to learn more about you and what you have to offer.

Utilize Strong CTAs

Call-to-actions encourage and prompt immediate response from users on your dental website

If you have ever worked with a dental marketing company, you likely are familiar with CTAs. Calls-To-Action (CTA) are vital conversion elements that indicate exactly what you want your users to do next. It could be utilized in the form of a button to click, or jumbotron that elicits an action, or a form to fill out.

It is a good practice to include at least one CTA before the first fold of your page, as most users typically don’t scroll past it. This ensures that anyone who lands on your website will see this CTA and the goal is to attract as much attention as we can to these conversion elements which will ultimately become patients walking into your dental practice.

Make use of different varieties of CTAs throughout the dental website to target users who prefer different mediums. For example, you can have an eye-catching button to call the office for appointments or incorporate a contact form on pages to encourage asking questions, CTAs are key to conversion!

Improve The User Experience

When a user visits your dental website, they should not be having thoughts like “Where do I request an appointment on this website?” or “I can’t find the patient form information. Why can’t I click this button!?” etc.

The goal is to have a user-friendly dental website structure and design that is intuitive to use and navigate through. You want users to be able to smoothly move through the pages, easily understand the provided information and find exactly what they are looking for, whether it’s the information they needed to make the decision of choosing you as their dentist or filling out their patient forms. 

It is essential that your website is mobile-responsive and has a clear navigation menu. Additionally, the page speed of your site has to be optimal as nobody wants to sit around and wait for a website that doesn’t load. 

Mobile responsiveness is important to improve your dental website

Make It Easy To Get In Touch

One of the main goals for your dental website is to provide users with a digital touchpoint to your dental practice. If the contact information is not easy to find on your website, it might be failing to meet one of the most basic and vital purposes of having a dental website. Make sure to clearly layout the ways to get in touch, offer different methods like phone call, contact forms, email or even a live chat on the website to ensure no leads get out of your hands. 

Use Personalized Photos & Videos

A dental website should feel like a digital extension of your dental practice. Which means the faces and the things patients see in your office should also be visible on your website. People want to know what to expect before they come and visit you and organic content (personalized videos and photos) is the perfect way to achieve that.

Group photo of a dental office showcasing the team members and practice culture

Building a sense of familiarity to the dental practice and people will not only help humanize your brand but also increase their level of trust and confidence in your dental office. Show off your office with interior shots of the lobby, dental chairs, etc along with a few exterior shots to display what patients will see when they first drive in. Make your team and office culture known with the photos and videos you display on your dental website.

 Make Your Brand Voice Clear

What makes you different from another dentist down the street?

What type of patients do you want to target or grow?

What do you associate the most with your dental practice’s identity?

Your answers to these questions should define your brand voice and it should be the center narrative of your dental website.

If you have a slider on the home page, highlight the services that you want to focus on most with the headlines and images on these slides. Studies show that patients are most likely to demonstrate loyalty towards dental practices that are well branded. Your brand voice should help provide a direction to your web design, including colors, photos used, verbiage used, CTAs, etc.

A key to building a solid online presence for your dental practice is making sure your digital platforms are consistent with how you represent yourself in the office.  

Make Good Use Of Multimedia

Use of multimedia and variety content is essential for dental websites

Your site visitors are very unlikely to read pages that consist of big blocks of texts. Our goal is to give prospective patients all the information they came to your website for but in a way that is not overwhelming and is easy to interpret and navigate.

Utilize multimedia vs large chunks of text when you can. This not only demonstrates your resourcefulness and professionalism but also helps establish reliability associated with your practice.

Make good use of variegated multimedia such as relevant images, diagrams, videos, well-written bullet points, etc. Your paragraphs should be bite-sized and easy to read. This makes your content digestible and easy to skim through so that users can find the exact information they are looking for. 

Create Content For The Patients, Not Dentists

When a prospective patient comes to your dental website, they should be able to understand the subject matter and see value in what your practice can offer them.

Dentist explaining oral care to a patient

On your service pages, make sure to use descriptive language around treatment options, such as what problems that treatment will resolve, how the treatment works, and any other important information related to the service like alternative options, post-treatment care tips, and so on.

While you as a dentist may know what “endodontic dentistry” means, your patients may not. Your website should do a good job of providing everything that a user may need without having to work too hard to find or understand the information.

Giving them an option to request their appointment online or fill out their patient forms from the comfort of their home can make a big impact. Go to your website and take a look at it from the perspective of a patient, are you able to find everything with ease and does everything make sense? Sometimes improving your dental website can be as simple as finding the right placement for a “Request Appointment” button, just take a closer look. 

Add testimonials 

Something as easy as adding testimonials from your existing patients on your website can make a huge difference as it will add social proof to the reputation of your practice.

Video testimonials are very powerful but even simply displaying your google reviews on the website can aid to the overall impression that a new user is forming on their mind. Reading or watching a personal experience from the perspective of a patient will significantly help build your credibility among new users. 

Implementing these easy and awesome tips will surely improve the quality of your dental website, and if executed correctly, the conversion rate of your users! 

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