The Power of Video Content in Dental Marketing

People are spending more time online than ever before and have changed the way they search for information. Gone are the days of opening up the Yellow Pages to find a new dentist. Nowadays, patients turn to Google and social media to empower them with the information they need to make informed decisions about their […]

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People are spending more time online than ever before and have changed the way they search for information. Gone are the days of opening up the Yellow Pages to find a new dentist. Nowadays, patients turn to Google and social media to empower them with the information they need to make informed decisions about their healthcare providers, including which dentist they visit. While professional photos of your team and practice are highly effective, video content is an even more powerful tool that not enough dental practice’s are harnessing.  

In 2022, 82.5% of all internet traffic was from videos. That’s a whole lot of traffic, right? If you’ve been on the fence about investing in video content or this is totally new information to you, stick with us while we unpack the amazing things video can do for your practice. 

  1. Immediate Engagement

Video content is magnetic. Its dynamic blend of visuals and audio captures attention like no other medium. For dental marketing, this means immediate connection with potential patients. Rather than reading about a treatment, they can see it, hear about it, and feel more connected to the information presented.

Through video, dentists can also showcase genuine patient testimonials, offering authentic insights into the patient experience. Potential patients can see real-life transformations, hear emotions in voices, and better visualize their own journey.

  1. Simplified Explanations

Videos have the innate power to break down complex concepts. By using animations, graphics, and real-life demonstrations, dental procedures that may sound intimidating on paper become easily understandable.

As we mentioned already, an informed patient is an empowered one. Videos can offer them bite-sized information, making them feel more in control of their dental health choices.

  1. SEO Benefits

Search engines love fresh, engaging content. So much so that they reward you with increased visibility in search results the more often you add and update your content. Studies have shown that businesses that incorporate video content into their strategy see an increase of up to 157% in organic traffic compared to those who stick to static content. 

Videos are more likely to be shared, improving your site’s rankings. They can also reduce bounce rates (the rate at which visitors leave your site quickly) by up to 34% by immediately capturing your visitor’s attention. This ensures you don’t lose patients to your competitors and increase the chances of them taking a desired action on your website (such as clicking your “book now” button).

Platforms like YouTube are the second largest search engines over and above Google. By tapping into video content, dental practices can widen their reach exponentially by making themselves discoverable on social media platforms.

  1. Shareability

An engaging dental video, whether it’s a heartwarming patient story or an intriguing dental procedure, has the potential to be shared widely on social media platforms. This organic reach can elevate your practice’s visibility without additional ad spend.

Shareable videos can also help foster a community around your dental practice, where patients become advocates, voluntarily endorsing the service to friends and family.

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Balancing Act and Challenges

Quality vs. Quantity

The goal should never be to flood your audience with videos but to provide meaningful content that adds value and is helpful. It’s better to have five high-quality videos than twenty sub-par ones.

High-quality video production might require a substantial initial investment but the returns, in terms of patient trust and engagement, often justify the costs.

Length and Engagement

Have you heard of the Goldilocks principle? A video shouldn’t be too long or too short – it needs to be just right! Analytics offered by YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram can offer insights into viewer drop-off rates (i.e. when they lose interest and click off the video), helping find your sweet spot for the optimal video length.

So, where to begin with filming video content? The most effective videos generally begin with a storyboard where you can plan out exactly how the video will play out and what points need to be covered. This ensures you don’t leave out any crucial information and have a plan of action when it’s show time! It also helps keep the content engaging by keeping the focus on the topic at hand. 

Staying Updated

While some videos remain relevant over time (like a clinic tour), others might need periodic updating (showcasing the latest dental technology). For example, two years ago, you may have offered regular dental implants, but now you offer teeth in a day or same-day crowns. This would require you to update the video content to reflect the current state of your service offering. 

As dental tools and equipment are periodically checked and updated, so should video content. Getting your office manager to set up a review calendar can ensure content remains fresh and relevant.

Costs Involved

While high-end production can strain a budget, there are cost-effective options, like in-house video production tools or hiring dental marketing companies that specialize in producing quality results at affordable rates.

Beyond the initial views, you should look at patient conversions and engagement to measure the true return on your video content investment.

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We Offer Videoshoots for Dentists!

Have we got you fired up and ready to conquer dental video marketing? Amazing! By focusing on producing quality content that speaks to patient concerns and showcases your brand, you won’t believe the impact incorporating video content can have on your dental marketing efforts. 

If you don’t have the time or know-how to make video content for your website, feel free to reach out to our team. We’d love to help your practice shine with effective video content to boost your practice’s online presence!