Growing Your Dental Practice With CallRail

Most marketing agencies are overlooking a key element for their clients’ success: Their phone lines. CallRail can help push growth for businesses and marketers in any industry. Here at Pain-Free Dental Marketing, we consider CallRail a secret weapon–it’s one of our best marketing tools.  If you are interested in growing your business by growing your […]

callrail is one of our best marketing tools - Pain free dental marketing agency

Most marketing agencies are overlooking a key element for their clients’ success: Their phone lines.

CallRail can help push growth for businesses and marketers in any industry. Here at Pain-Free Dental Marketing, we consider CallRail a secret weapon–it’s one of our best marketing tools. 

If you are interested in growing your business by growing your client’s businesses, we recommend adding CallRail.

Why Do We Love CallRail for Dentists?

As a marketing agency for dentists, we believe that CallRail is one of the best marketing tools because it…

…Is easy to set up & easy to use.

Shows us who is calling our clients’ practices.

Tracks where our clients’ calls are coming from (websites, ads, flyers, billboards, etc..)

…Allows us to measure the results of our marketing efforts for our clients.

…Is loaded with useful data that we can present to our clients.

…Lets us ensure phone-answering staff is communicating effectively. 

…Helps our clients increase their ROI when it comes to marketing their practice.

Why We Think CallRail is One of the Best Marketing Tools for Dentists

CallRail has enabled us as a dental marketing agency to take our clients’ marketing strategy one step further; to go beyond traditional digital marketing efforts that drive traffic to a website.

We believe that it’s not just about getting website clicks or practice calls. It’s also about able to identify *where* those clicks and calls are coming from, and ensuring quality control of those calls from within the offices. 

At Pain-Free Dental Marketing is set apart among fellow agencies in that we dive into the patient conversion funnel from start to end. And we do so with CallRail. One of our best marketing tools.

How We Implement CallRail – Informing Our Marketing Strategy & Increasing Marketing Success for Our Dental Clients

When we onboard a new client, we start with implementing CallRail. One of the first tasks we complete when onboarding a client is that of implementing CallRail. We want to start obtaining all the data we can, as soon as we can, in order to develop our strategy going forward.

With tracking numbers and all the provided data on calls and clicks, CallRail informs our entire marketing strategy for each practice. This data helps us understand more about our client’s audience and measure our best-performing ad campaigns. 

Our next step is to compare the types of patients who are calling with the patients who follow through with an appointment. (In marketing, we call these conversions.) This insight has allowed us to refine our marketing strategy to increase conversion rates for our clients.

Pain-Free Dental Marketing believes in partnering performance with conversion. This is why we are able to holistically approach the full-scope of the patient conversion funnel with CallRail. 

The Best Marketing Only Works If The Phones Are Answered Correctly – Quality Control

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If we are putting our everything into doing the best marketing for a client, using all of our best marketing tools and strategies, but someone calls the practice to be put off by an employee’s etiquette, then our marketing becomes essentially irrelevant to that potential patient. It no longer matters if they saw our ads, loved our website, or were touched by a patient testimonial video, they have now had a personal experience with the practice that was negative, and that says a lot.

So, if our ads are performing well and the practice is getting calls but not conversions, we are able to quickly determine what another potential problem could be, and that is often either: 

  • Front-desk staff communication quality
  • Calls going unanswered
  • Or, a technical issue with a phone line at the practice
Call Recording = Quality Control

We are able to execute quality control with the call recording feature that CallRail offers. It allows us to monitor the communication of the front-desk staff with [potential] patients. One of the most prominent issues we see in dental practices is that of improperly trained front-desk staff. Quite often, dentists don’t realize that the people answering their phones are deterring callers from making an appointment.

Here are some common errors we are able to identify by front-desk staff regarding telephonic interactions with patients/potential patients:

  • Not answering the phone after the first or second ring
  • Failing to mention their name and/or the practice’s name
  • Not asking the patient their name and/or not using it
  • Placing a person on hold before asking them if it’s fine
  • Placing the person on hold for too long
  • A lack of friendliness
  • A lack of knowledge regarding services/or an unwillingness to obtain said unknown information
  • Not asking the person how they heard about the practice 

After listening to calls, if we identify the above problems with a particular staff member or two, we are then able to provide the dentist with a report so he can constructively advise them to improve on said issues.

Take It From Our Clients – A Case Study

Here at Pain-Free Dental Marketing, we are data-driven. What we love about CallRail, is there is no guessing. The data is right there. CallRail’s reports present the data in a user-friendly manner – not only for us – but for us to present to our clients. Take it from one of our practices, Aurentz Family Dental.

In January 2021, after analyzing our performance indicator and noticing their revenue for that month was up, we were able to determine that Aurentz Family Dental had indeed had a really good month. Once we pulled their numbers and noticed the increase in new patients as well as profit, we wanted to know why.

How We Discovered What Marketing Was Working Best For Aurentz Family Dental

We started by logging into CallRail where we could view a monthly report and see that their first-time call numbers were up. That month, they had a total of 51 first-time callers. Naturally, the next data set we wanted to observe is where those calls were coming from.

Next, we were able to analyze the CallRail “Call Attribution” report and identify that a large majority of those first-time callers that month came from their Google Ads extension as well as their website number pool. We saw that their Google Organic numbers were up which told us that their SEO was performing exactly how we wanted it to. 

We could also interpret from the various reports that the number of callers from the tracking number on their print ads was quite low. This information tells us that we will likely see better results and higher new-patients numbers in the future if we implement more of the marketing budget into their Google Ads and less into their print ads.

It’s as simple as…

  1. Observe client’s monthly numbers Log into CallRail → 
  2. Check monthly report → 
  3. Observe the number of first-time callers → 
  4. Identify the source of the calls → 
  5. Adjust/refine marketing strategy → 
  6. Repeat. 

Tracking Marketing Progress and Troubleshooting Problems With CallRail

When we utilize our account performance indicator and notice an account under-performing, we also go to CallRail. When we notice a discrepancy between accounts, we check CallRail. It often is the most efficient way for us to identify a problem with an account.

If we are implementing similar marketing efforts for two accounts and notice one with lower performance numbers we often can figure out why by checking CallRail. For example, one of our clients throws 6% of calls while another throws 40%. This tells us that if we are implementing the same marketing efforts for those two accounts and one isn’t performing well, we can likely attribute that to the number of calls that go unanswered at that practice.

In another case not long ago, we diagnosed why a client’s missed-call numbers had spiked. After analyzing their data reports and speaking to the team about the missed calls, we were able to decipher that the practice had a phone line that was down. Without CallRail, we would not have been able to figure this problem out as quickly as we did and many more calls would have gone unanswered. 

The Best Marketing Is Executed With A Holistic Approach

We believe our success as a dental marketing agency comes from two areas:

  • Data-driven strategy
  • Holistic Marketing

If you don’t have all the data, you can’t operate efficiently.

And if you can’t understand all the data, you can’t operate successfully.

Finally, if you can’t adjust your strategy from the data, you cannot grow as an agency. 

Growing our clients has translated into growing ourselves as an agency, their success is ours. Our successful marketing efforts have come from our 3-D view of the patient conversion funnel. That 3-D view of the patient conversion funnel is possible with CallRail, which is why we believe it to be one of the best marketing tools for any business or agency.